Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Very Friendy Weekend

Hi blog friends,
One of my very favorite things to do is to hang out with friends and/or make new friends (much to the chagrin of my husband who thinks I already have more friends than I know what to do with). The last few days I have been fortunate to spend time with several good friends, and it's been really fun!
Movie Friday
On Friday, Brett, Amy, and I were in a little video my friend Shannon is making for his film class. The video traces the life of a girl named Emma who starts out as a baby (Amy), then is shown as a little girl at the park with her parents (Cosette Dover with me and Brett), and then grows up to be an adult (Shannon's wife, Sarah). It was overwhelming to see how much time movies must take--they are thousands of times more complicated than I ever took the time to think about. A little three-minute movie takes hours and hours--and it didn't even have dialogue!! The movie has to be written, music has to be selected, the camera angles have to be chosen, various locations have to be scouted out for filming, actors/actresses have to be recruited and trained, costumes and props have to be arranged, and then the whole show has to be put on and captured somehow (even in extremely windy conditions). I actually felt like Hollywood might deserve all that money they make. Being a writer, director, actor, or any kind of crew member must be a very stressful job--I'd defintely want to be someone almost insignificant at first (the person who helps put on fake eyelashes or the one who puts stamps on the scripts being sent to actors) before I worked my way up to the big leagues. Anyway, it was a really neat experience, and hopefully the finished movie will be great!
Picnic Saturday
This weekend has also been General Conference, which is when the prophet and other leaders of the church I go to (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) give what we call "talks" (sermons) about Christ, ways to improve our lives, and other facets of our beliefs. This type of conference is held and broadcast in the mornings and afternoons of a Saturday and Sunday only twice a year--so this was a pretty big deal. Anyway, there is a two-hour break in between, which is the time we (Brett and I) used for our picnic. Brett is not a big party person, but this weekend, he indulged me (I love to throw parties and can't wait till we have a bigger apartment/house). We have an adorable little picnic area at our apartment complex, so we got stuff together for sandwiches and invited four other couples from our neighborhood and their kids (the same people I am fortunate enough to go walking with during the week) to join us for lunch. It was fun! The little kids (eight of them) ran around and seemed to be having a good time--hopefully our neighbors didn't hear the little ones banging on their windows. :) It was nice to hang out with other young families and let Amy watch the kids playing, something she loves to do--it's got to be so boring for her to just hang out with Mommy all day. Brett and I had a great time, and perhaps the picnic will become a Conference tradition.
Lucky Me
Tucson has been a great place for making good friends. From college roommates who are practically my big sisters, to coworkers I still love to hang out with even though I quit my job, to neighborhood friends who save me from going crazy day in and day out, I have the best friends ever. I am one lucky girl.

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  1. I also feel very blessed to have a friend like you, Heidi!